• Humm Dinger Horny Honey Bunny 12pc Display

This "Horny Honey" Bunny Cock ring puts a fun twist on Intimate play with it's Sensuous Bunny Ears that will turn you into a "Rabid Rabbit"!
Tantalizing bunny ears vibrate you into an orgasmic frenzy! Merely place the pliable ring at the base of the penis, turn on the switch, and let the sensual and titillating vibrations boost you and your partner into erotic euphoria!

2 LR44 Batteries Included


  • Prolonged Vibrations - 40+ minutes
  • Strongest Vibrations
  • Satisfying Ticklers For Her
  • Performance Knobs for Him
  • Secure & Simple On/Off Switch
  • Snug Yet Gentle Gel Ring
Batteries 2 LR44 Batteries included in each
Specifications 12pc Display

Humm Dinger Horny Honey Bunny 12pc Display

  • Brand: Hott Products
  • Product Code: hp2277D
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Length: 1.00
    Width: 2.00
    Height: 1.00
    Weight : 0.25